Credit Authorization Agreement

This website does not constitute a loan offer. is neither a lender nor a lending partner and does not make loan or credit decisions. connects interested individuals with a lender or lending partner from its network of approved lenders and lending partners. has no control over, and is not responsible for, the actions or inactions of any lender or lending partner. does not serve as an agent, representative, or broker for any lender or lending partner and does not endorse any of them. receives compensation from its lenders and lending partners. Nevertheless, the service is always offered to you free of charge. It is crucial to thoroughly understand the terms of any loan offered by any lender and to reject any loan offer that you cannot afford to repay or that includes unacceptable terms. 

By submitting a loan request on our site, you agree and authorize that: 

  • your loan request and all information in it may be shown to multiple lenders and lending partners in our network or in other financial networks (hereinafter referred to as "Partners") in real time or over time so that one or more of them can decide whether to offer you a loan or to otherwise advertise their loan or other financial products to you; 

  • you are granting authorization to and its Partners to conduct a credit assessment, including validating your social security number, driver's license number, or other forms of identification, as well as assessing your creditworthiness. Credit evaluations are typically carried out by major credit reporting agencies like Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, but may also involve alternative credit bureaus; 

  • your Partner may disclose your loan information, including loan approval and funding status, to us; 

  • some users do not qualify for the loan types or amounts they request, so some lenders may only offer loans in an amount below the amount your requested; 

  • any loan terms you may be offered are determined solely by your lender and not by us. 

This service may not be available in all states. If you request to connect with a lender or lending partner in a state where such loans are prohibited or in a location where does not have an available lender or lending partner, you will not be connected to a lender or lending partner.  

The lenders and lending partners to whom you are connected will furnish documents outlining all fees and interest rates associated with the loan being offered, including any potential late-payment charges and the conditions under which you may be allowed (if permitted by applicable law) to refinance, renew, or extend your loan. Loan fees and interest rates are determined exclusively by the lender or lending partner based on their internal policies, underwriting criteria, and applicable laws. is not involved in and does not control the loan terms offered by any lender or loan partner. It is advised to carefully read and understand the terms of any loan offered by lenders and lending partners and to decline any loan offer that is beyond your means to repay or includes unfavorable terms. 

Please be mindful that missing a payment or making a late payment can have an adverse impact on your credit score. To safeguard your credit history, make sure you only accept loan terms that you can afford to repay. If you are unable to make a payment on time, promptly contact your lender or lending partner to discuss how to handle late payments.