E-Consent, short for electronic consent, is a process of obtaining consent digitally rather than through traditional paper-based methods. It involves the use of electronic systems, such as websites, mobile apps, or electronic documents, to present information to individuals and to record their consent. 

In the field of loans, E-Consent is used for agreeing to terms of service, privacy policies, or for authorizing transactions and services, i.e. in online services and transactions, E-Consent usually occurs when a user interacts with a website or application. 

When you complete an application on our website Sosocredit.com, you submit a request to be connected with one of our third-party lenders or loan partners. To offer you a loan, these third parties need your permission for your data and information ("E-Consent"). By accepting this E-Consent, the lender or lending partner may process your information and engage in all online interactions with you electronically. The lender or lending partner may also electronically send you notifications related to their interactions and transactions. Disclosures may be presented online on our or the third-party lenders or lending partners’ websites and may also be sent via email. 

The benefits of E-Consent are numerous. E-consent systems typically offer advantages such as improved efficiency, better record-keeping, easier access to information, and enhanced participant understanding. They are also designed to meet legal and ethical standards, ensuring that consent is informed, voluntary, and documented. 

If you prefer, you can request paper copies of any Disclosures directly from the third-party lender or lending partner. They will provide these paper copies free of charge. The lenders or lending partners will maintain all Disclosures as required by applicable law. 

If you are connected with one or more third-party lenders or lending partners, you can withdraw your E-Consent with them at any time and free of charge. However, if you withdraw this E-Consent before receiving a loan, you may be unable to obtain a loan from the lender or lending partner. To withdraw this E-Consent, please contact the lender or lending partner directly. Withdrawal of this E-Consent will not affect the legal validity, effectiveness, or enforceability of prior electronic Disclosures. 

It is important to keep third-party lenders or lending partners informed of any changes to your electronic or mailing address. You can update this information by logging into the third-party lenders or lending partner’s website or by sending them a written update by mail. 

In summary, e-consent in online services and transactions is a crucial aspect of digital interaction, particularly regarding data protection and legal compliance.